All categories related to home on one stop, Free discount card, discount on sale and free business promotion. is a platform which works under the supervision of We made this platform to help our users and business owners by giving them several services for free and to our users we provide huge list of stores which offers discount and free discount card.

Benefits for Business owners

All business owners can promote their business for free on our website with discount offer.

We promote your discount offers on social media for totally free.

We create and design your discount advertisement for social media totally free.

We provide free simple discount which you can accept as a coupon. It saves your coupon expenses which other website charges from you.

You can set your own expiry date of your discount offers.

We make your business card, flyers, rollup banner, signs and other printing advertisement on 10% discount.

We make your website on 10% discount with email id such as

We publish our 10,000 combo flyer several times in a year, you can get space for your advertisement in combo flyer at 1/3 cost.

Benefits for our Users

We collect all discount offers on one stop platform.

Users don't need to provide any personal information such as phone number and email id which is required on other website.

We provide you simple accessible discount with no any registeration, you can use screen shot or print it out to get discount from listed stores.

You can find all promotions and discount offers on our facebook page.

You can get all notifications regarding discount offer through email by subscribing us.

We inform you through our combo flyers regarding all running discount offers.

Why we decided to keep simple discount card with no any registeration.

According to our survey we found more than 40% people don't like to provide their email id or phone numbers also they said they hate to print out/ screen shot different coupons for different stores. To deal this problem we decided to keep a very simple discount card with no any registeration, it is very helpful for business owners to get new customers and it is less headache for our users too who don't like to give their information, After all we prefer simplicity on all life essentials. This simple discount card make happy business owners because they need customers not their email id or phone numbers and our users are also happy because they want to buy things not to give their email or phone numbers which is required on others website.

Our mostly business owners client use our card as a coupon because we show expiry date on all discount offer so they save their coupon's priting cost and accept our discount to give discount to our users.